Today Beer Utopia experienced a technical glitch that sent out dozens of Twitter alerts to our loyal followers. We humbly beg your forgiveness and promise it won’t happen again.

We understand the anger and confusion that followed this fiasco but rest assured this was not an attempt to take over the Twitterverse via brute force attack. While testing a plug-in to aggregate beer news from around the web, things went horribly wrong, littering the site with duplicate posts, bringing the server to its knees, and angering the Twitter gods so that we couldn’t even tweet an apology. The offending plug-in has been removed, de-compiled, printed, spat upon, shredded and incinerated so this won’t happen ever again. Scouts honor.

If the Twitter masters see fit to let us tweet again, we hope that you will continue to follow us. The memory of the intertubes’ is long but attention span is short so we hope you can forget this unfortunate event ever occured. Since we can’t buy all of our followers a beer as a means of penance, we pray for your forgiveness and understanding.


  1. Chris works hard on our website, writing content and brewing beer. So a little mistake can be forgiven. Remember friends don’t let friends drink and code:)

  2. i have done that bay accident once,not that much, but some. glad all is fixed and twitter will never replace the pub but it will make the pub experience better, helping people bring more fun info to the table

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