A team of biology students at Rice University are working on genetically modifying a strain of beer yeast to produce resveratrol during fermentation. Resveratrol is “a chemical in wine that’s been shown to reduce cancer and heart disease in lab animals.”

While this is infinitely better than Jessica Simpson’s “vitamin beer,” I have my doubts that a beer will be produced that truly fights cancer. I’ve seen too many news stories in which some miracle chemical has shown promise for curing/treating/augmenting/reducing such-and-such, only to have a subsequent study show the exact opposite result. Still, kudos to the Rice “BiOWLogists” (no, that’s really what they call themselves) for doing something cool with beer and science.

I have one gripe for Roland Piquepaille, who wrote a post on ZDNet about this. At the end of his first paragraph he writes, “And you will be able to choose to die from cancer or alcoholism.” Because you know everyone that drinks beer either is or will soon be an alcoholic. Would he have written this if the article was about wine or scotch? Doubtful. I’m guessing Roland is a cork-dork (wine drinker) who thinks beer drinkers are shirtless, sports-obsessed, face-painted, Neandertals. I was going to invite Beer Utopia readers to leave a comment on his post but you have to give your name, address, phone number, rank and serial number to leave a comment so it’s not worth it.


  1. Id rather drink Peak Organic if I want a beer that helps fight cancer .

    If you can you should review their new Espresso Amber Ale .

  2. i mistakenly came across your blog while searching for something else.but found this post useful hence decided to drop a line.very well done.i dont completely agree with you but still a good agrument.

  3. I hope for a good progress at your work for developing an a cancer-fighting beer for the benefit of human who loves beer. I hate men who drink and being drunk, literally they do not acquire something aside from a beer belly. For me I like vodka and wines.

    Marjorie Castillo,

  4. Beer hasn't such a benefit to cancer affected person. Some people may feel a little refreshes, but not for long.

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