RETRO ELECTRO electric beer delivery truck

RETRO ELECTRO electric beer delivery truck

Happy Earth Day! We’ve talked a lot about how beer and homebrewing can be good for the environment and brewers who consider the impact of their business on the earth, but this is really cool. A Canadian brewer has converted an antique truck to electric to deliver their beer. They apparently are known for using vintage vehicles for delivery but wanted to be more green.


Steam Whistle communications director Sybil Taylor likens the truck to the company’s signature brew: a centuries-old Czech pilsner recipe recreated with the latest in modern technology. “Retro Electro is the same in that it takes the stylings and the body of the vintage truck, but with the electric motor it has a modern conscience,” she said. “And, it saves the truck from the metal scrap heap.”

The truck is used for deliveries on a 20-mile route around Vancouver, and can hold two kegs and 10 cases of beer. Steam Whistle expects the truck to have a 9-year lifespan, which would save the company $45,000 in gasoline costs at current prices.

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