1. I have to thank you for this review. I happen to dislike Budweiser beer with a passion…but when I saw the commercial on TV for their new American Ale, I kind of wanted to try it.

    I’m not a beer snob by any means, everyday kid of beer for me is Miller High life, but I do like a good beer.

    You managed to convince me that the their new American Ale really was something worth a having a taste.

  2. I finally got the chance to seek out and try the Budweiser American Ale (on
    vacation this week) so here are my thoughts as promised.

    First off, just to let you know I am an adult, have been drinking beer for
    25 years and even brewed my own for about a decade before running out of
    room and time as children and jobs got in the way. I’m am not a professional
    taster but I know what I like. I am also not a beer snob, during the week I
    might drink anything from Busch to Miller High Life. I do however appreciate
    a good well made beer (it can just get a little too expensive for me).

    One thing that I have to get straight is that I DETEST Budweiser beer…
    Detest might not even be a strong enough word…who ever thought of the
    beech wood aging thing…yuck. Budweiser just has a flavor to it that I do
    not like. I went into this taste test with a very strong idea that I was NOT
    going to like this beer.

    On to my thoughts:

    The first thing that struck me was…uh…it’s not a twist off? Is there
    really anything wrong with making a beer easy to get into? C’mon it’s
    BUDWEISER for gods sake…but I digress.

    I cracked open the beer and poured into a glass. It has a nice amber brown
    color, very clear. It’s pretty. Head wasn’t bad but didn’t last long, but
    did lace the glass until the very end. Looks like they got that right. The
    carbonation in the glass looked a little finer than normal mass produced
    beer and the mouth feel proved that.

    The first taste was quite a surprise. It has that ale fruitiness with a
    bitter finish. Not a real strong hop aroma or taste, but the bitterness is
    there at the back of the mouth. There seems to be something lacking though,
    something was not quite right. By the time I had finished the glass I
    figured out that it isn’t quite balanced. Not enough malt sweetness and body
    to offset the bitterness of the hops. Although the flavor is there in the
    beginning, it doesn’t finish with anything but that hops bitterness. It left
    me feeling somewhat unfulfilled.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a bad beer, in fact I am pretty impressed
    that this is coming from a HUGE beer company and is being mass produced. It
    is certainly NOT what I expected. When you put it against other micro brewed
    craft beers (or even other mass produced craft beers) it just doesn’t quite
    stack up, in my opinion it’s just okay. I would drink it again if offered
    and probably enjoy it, but at $6.99 a six pack at the local grocery store, I
    probably wont buy it again. I WOULD however recommend it to someone who
    wanted to try something a little more flavorful as I don’t think it would
    scare them away from tastier beers. It would be a good introduction to the
    potential that better beers offer. My wife who does NOT like “heavy” beers
    thought it was very good, so there’s a god example.

    When I was in the grocery store (the local beer distributor is about 30
    miles away so I don’t get there that often) I figured I would pick up
    something similar to compare it to. He closest thing that I could find to
    what I would consider an American Ale was Sam Adams Boston Ale ($8.99
    6-pack). The taste of this was VERY similar, although there is more hop
    flavor and aroma and it had the malt sweetness in the finish to balance it
    out. This beer reminds me of the stuff I used to make when I was brewing my
    own. It seems worth it to me to pay an extra $2 a six pack for something
    that to me at least, tastes the way I think it should.

    So…I have to rate the Budweiser American Ale two ways. On a scale of 1-10
    based upon other Budweiser products I have to give it a 10. They went out on
    a limb on this one and made something completely unlike anything that they
    have made in the past. On a scale of 1-10 based upon other craft brewed
    beers I have to give it a 5. It’s obvious that they wanted to cater to the
    Budweiser drinker, and I think they did that successfully, but they might
    not be able to lure in the average craft beer drinker when there are other
    competitively priced beers that are much better (at least in my opinion).

    I would certainly recommend that anyone that has ANY interest in this beer
    to go out and get some and give it a try, I think they will be pleasantly

    I think that this beer will be a good addition to the Budweiser family of
    beers, I think it will be successful for them and it might just be around
    for a while. I also think that this is good for the industry and beer
    drinkers as a whole, as it might just get people who normally prefer bland
    American Lagers to try something different (just because the Budweiser name
    is attached to it), then, who knows, they might be out there buying better
    beers more often.

    Thanks for listening!

    Curtis Brown

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