The 9″ Beer Wheel is a cheat sheet of beer knowledge.

Learn the basics of beer without breaking open a book. This ingenious Beer Wheel will help you to become acquainted with the various styles of beer, the flavor characteristics, and the production process without having to go through all the “brew”-haha. From Pilsners to Lagers, [note: if they read their own beer wheel they would know that Pilsners are lagers ;)]this beer wheel has everything you need to know about beer. In a practical and easy-to-use spin wheel design, you can become familiar with the unique flavors and traits of the various types of beers around the world and learn about the brewing process as well. This is a useful and fun little tool to keep around the house and also makes a great gift for the beer lover in your life.

• Learn the basics of beer
• General information on beers around the world
• Fun and easy to use
• Great gift for beer lovers

Obviously, this gadget won’t make you a beer expert. Regular Beer Utopia visitors probably know most of the info on the wheel but it would make a nice gift for a beer neophyte. It’s 9 bucks and is currently on backorder at

[via Uncrate]


  1. Greatness! This is perfect for my know ‘all’ beer drinking friend that swears that Fat Tire is as good as it gets. Just thought I’d let you know that they are back in stock from the link that you supplied. Thanks for that! Just got one Christmas present taken care of.

  2. That was an awesome idea! I got my best friend this for xmas. The perfect present for any lover of beer. Got a rookie beer drinker that needs some education? Get this for them, they won’t be disappointed.

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