Miller Lite has spent a great deal of money telling you, the consumer, how important it is to win the Beer World Cup. I would agree with this. The winners of the Cup can confidently say their beer is the best in the world. There’s just one problem: Miller didn’t win this year!

Miller was beat by Pabst Brewing Co.’s Old Milwaukee Light, Pabst’s Lone Star Light, and Anheuser-Busch’s Natural Light. Ouch. After wiping the egg off his face, a Miller spokesman put a little spin on it:

Four Gold Cup awards is a very significant achievement. Our positioning as the ‘ultimate light beer’ will not change.

He does have a point. It is a very impressive achievement to win 4 Gold Cups (1996, 1998, 2002, 2006) but still, that’s gotta hurt.


  1. does anyone really need to be informed that miller lite, or any other piss-like macrobrew of the sort, is not the best lite lager in the world? it goes without saying that in this day, advertising is king, and most makers of real beer are’nt even going to bother trying to compete with multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and put their money into their product instead. i think the only way high-quality beer is going to get the attention it deserves is for those of us already converted to the real stuff to abstain for making any sort of comment at all on the aforementioned garbage in any sort of serious, informed public discussion, and let the rest climb on board when they’re ready to. anyone who actually believes that miller, or anheiser-busch, or whatever purveyor of bilge they’ve been suckered by, makes good beer, is either not worth trying to convert or in need of proper education, not mindless hype and chest-beating. let’s keep our attention where it belongs and stay positive about our passion, and forget about trying to compete with the cavemen.

  2. I’m getting fat as hell and I’m not willing to give up beer, so I’m making every other one a light. It’s the best I can manage. The only problem is, I haven’t found a decent light. Consumer Reports said Busch Light was good so I gave it a shot. Busch Lite is donkey piss. And the donkey has a bladder infection. And someone watered the donkey piss down and put a couple of aspirin in it. In short, if anyone at Consumer Reports had ever tasted beer before they did their review, I’d be mighty surprised. I know, I know: all light beer sucks. But like I said, I’m getting fat as hell, so Hellion’s Spare Wallaby Micro Brew is simply no longer an option.

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