Fully Krausened, Naturally Carbonated
Fully Kraeusened Naturally Carbonated

Pabst Brewing Co. said Wednesday Old Style beer once again will be kraeusened, a process last used in the 1990s.

But a Pabst spokesman said there are no plans to make Old Style in La Crosse, where it was introduced by the G. Heileman Brewing Co. in 1902.  It was the La Crosse brewery’s best-known brand until 1999, when the Stroh Brewery Co. closed and later sold the local factory. Stroh sold most of its brands — including Old Style — to Pabst, which has it made under contract at other breweries.

Pabst said Old Style is returning to the double-fermentation process of kraeusening, which brings richness to beer. Kraeusened Old Style will be available in February, and because it will be more expensive to produce, it will be sold at prices similar to other premium domestic beers, Pabst said

What is Krausening?

Kräusening is adding active wort or other sugar nutrients to beer that is being bottled. The name is German in origin, though the method is used by brewers in various countries – most notably Belgium. Kräusening encourages the yeast to continue fermentation in the bottle. It helps clean up the flavor of the beer by reducing levels of diacetyl and acetaldehyde.


  1. I’m drinking one right now. Funny, it doesn;t taste any diffrent than the ones i had last week. It’s still just yellow-fizzy-beer in a can, but i love it anyway.

  2. The new stuff is brighter, cleaner, crisper and less bitter. To me it’s almost like a Carta Blanca or other light, fresh, crisp and drinkable American beers. I’m not sure what diacetyl and acetaldehyde are, but I’m glad they’re not in my head the next morning. Well worth the extra 2-3 bucks a twelve pack..good job, Pabst.

  3. I was introduced to Old Style Lager in a hot hay field in western North Dakota by my father. That was sixty years ago.
    Why can,t I by Old Style in North Dakota today. I have to bring it back from Minn. when ever I visit my family there.

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