WeHasMicrobrewzThe diet of the pintail tree shrew, which lives in the jungles of Malaysia, consists almost entirely of the alcoholic, beer-like nectar of the bertam palm.

The flowers apparently “smell like a brewery,” which sounds pretty sweet to me. I wonder how it tastes?

[T]he flower buds function as brewing chambers — they have been invaded by previously unknown species of yeast, which ferment the nectar into frothy alcohol.

This gives new meaning to the term “microbrewery.” The nectar can have an alcohol content as high as 3.8% but the animals don’t get drunk. These distant primate cousins of ours seem to have evolved a metabolism that prevents intoxication. This may lead to hangover remedies if we’re lucky.

I want to open a brewery just so I can have one of these as a mascot!

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