Beer Utopia friend “Chipper” Dave Butler, author of the Northern Colorado Beer Examiner and Fermentedly Challenged, has an interesting theory about Twitter and other social media replacing the traditional pub.

If the current economy gets any worse, online social media sites like Twitter may soon reduce the need to go out to socialize and have a beer.  As state alcohol laws get tougher each year and the cost of purchasing fine craft beers continue to climb, more and more beer drinkers are opting to stay home to imbibe and turn to online sites to chat with their drinking buddies instead.

Certainly there is a lot of truth in the fact that pubs, and craft brewers in general, are facing rising costs in a faltering economy, but I’m not convinced. Maybe I’m a Pollyanna but I like to think that social media is used more for arranging meet-ups (or “tweetups”) at the pub than replacing it.

Dave also has a list of the top 10 beer enthusiasts to follow on Twitter. Of course, Beer Utopia has a Twitter feed, too: @BeerUtopia. Feel free to point us towards other follow-worthy Tweeters in the comments and weigh in on the social web vs actual socializing debate.


  1. Wow, I wholeheartedly disagree. If anything, Twitter has brought more people out to the pubs in Portland. We have a monthly blogger meetup that attracts 20+ people and we have BearandBlog which at times has attracted 100+ people to the Green Dragon – and that is weekly and pimped on Twitter.

    Almost every evening in Portland there is another “cyber” event happening at local bars.

  2. What I really wanted to post was a list of all the beer Twitterers that I knew but felt that would just be a bit overwhelming for one article. Anytime you post a top ten list its bound to bring out a lot of strong opinion one way or another. I’m not advocating that people stop going out to socialize, I’m just saying that Twitter has become a pub itself and people tend to hang out there while sharing a beer. The fact are that internet usage is near an all time high. You can’t tell me that Internet time hasn’t taken a bite out of your social time. Anyway, relax, enjoy a beer, send a few tweets on Twitter with your friends and followers, then get out there and socialize. Whether the pub is on Twitter or down the street or cross town or in another city altogether, have fun and enjoy!

    I’m amazed at the response to the article both agreeing and disagreeing. Either way, I was looking for opinions. Greatful to get as many as I did. Thanks for the shout out Beer Utopia. I’m one of your followers.

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