2 wheels + 2 kegs = Awesome bike!

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partybikeFrom Wired.com:

The Hopworksfiets party bike was built in, where else, bike- and beer-mad Portland, Oregon, by the bike builders Metrofiets. All you really need to know in order to fall in love with this bike is that it carries not one, but two beer kegs along with a pair of taps to serve the suds.

The mobile bar, a custom build for Portland-based Hopworks Urban Brewery, is a long-wheelbase cargo bike with the load bed up front, which we guess means that pedestrians can?t sneak a quick pint when you?re stopped at the lights. There?s a ?sound pannier? at the back, containing an amp and a speaker, and the rear rack is just the right size to carry a stack of pizza boxes.

Just make sure that you nominate a designated rider. When fully loaded, this thing weighs close to 400 pounds, and of course has just two wheels. In other words, it?s not the kind of vehicle you want to be driving while under the influence.

See below for a slideshow of the bike in action, assembled by its creators BikePortland.


I would like to see this thing being ridden. Seems like it would be difficult, especially after partaking of a few.

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