3 Oregon Beers From: Ninkasi, Roots, and Siletz

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Ninkasi (Eugene, Oregon)- Believer Double Red Ale
Coming into this beer I was not sure if I would dig it because I thought the Tricerahops Double IPA was a bit over the top and not well balanced. This one was a better beer in my opinion but still seemed to be lacking something. What I enjoy about it is it’s dark flavor, mild sweetness and that it seems down to earth with a great crisp finish.

Roots (Portland, Oregon)- Woody Organic IPA
You will see a lot of people who aren’t sure about organic beers, but I think after trying Roots, Hopworks, and Laurelwood brews you can begin to have more confidence in them. This is a very tasty IPA that is easy to drink. The bitter taste sticks around a while afterward without any over the top citrus tastes. While it didn’t blow me away, I enjoyed it and would probably buy it again.

Siletz Brewery (Siletz, Oregon)- Spruce Ale
I bought this because I just had to try a spruce beer, plus I had never had anything from Siletz Brewery. Now I have had three beers from there and each of them have a similar weird sour-bitter taste that some say is a some bad vinegar. I don’t know, but it’s not good. It’s not sour in a good way, that’s for sure. I thought it was just the spruce, but it shows up in all three beers I’ve had, including the IPA. The spruce is the best one I’ve had of the three though. If you get it, drink it’s while it’s cold and it will be drinkable; while it’s cold it has a somewhat piney and fresh feel. Although, really, I would not recommend it.

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