$381 million in beer for Memorial Day

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Americans are expected to spend $381 million for 21 million cases of beer in major supermarkets in the 2 weeks surrounding Memorial Day according to Nielson Research. It is the second biggest beer-buying holiday with July 4th being number one.

While this is an interesting statistic, I assume that “major supermarkets” does not include liquor/beer stores which are more likely to carry the good stuff. Also, in general only domestic, macro brewery beer is sold in “cases.” Indeed, “during the summer as a whole, premium beer (which includes Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Miller Genuine Draft, Coors and Coors Light) accounts for half of all sales.” I find it ironic that these beers are labeled as “premium” when craft beers are certainly a more premium product.

The good news behind the statistics is that beer sales are on the rise despite rising beer prices and a crappy economy. Actually, the economy may be part of the reason for increasing sales because Americans are buying more wine and spirits as well. I guess we figure it’s best to stay pickled until after the November elections.

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