5 bottles of beer, 1 glass

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Using the proper glass to consume your brew can make the difference between a good beer and a great one. This this $13, 11 inch tall, 4 inch wide XL Beer Glass, however, may be taking things a bit too far. It’s like a Tiki Bowl for beer!

Well, this ridiculously large Beer Glass holds five – you heard me, five bottles of beer! If you or someone you know is inclined to down multiple beers in one sitting, you need this glass to help you out. With such a large capacity, you would think that this glass would be too big to handle, but you’ll be amazed! While much larger than a traditional beer glass, this glass is easily held.

Superbowl parties and the occasional Tuesday will now be fantastically novel with this amazing glass. And think of the bragging rights associated with just owning it! All the stories you can tell of meeting the challenge. You can finally one-up your favorite drinking pal and you’ll have the glass to prove it.

Of course, the proper temperature for is also important for enjoying the complex flavors and aroma of craft beer, which is going to be problem with this vessel. Perhaps you should use one of Sam Adam’s high-tech glasses for your beer and fill this one “with pretzels or peanuts and set it out for all to enjoy. The important thing is that you own one, right?”

[via Uncrate]

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