A few geeks visiting Flying Dog Brewery

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On a frosty, bone-cutting January day I got to fulfill one of my New Year?s resolutions. I took a trip to my favorite brewery, Flying Dog in Fredrick, Maryland. Not to kiss their collective asses but they really earned that title. Flying Dog fit one specific criterion for me. I have had everything they have ever made, so far, at least once and have been fond of everything. I cannot say this about any other brewery.

The tour of Flying Dog Brewery will go down, in my personal history, as the Gold standard of tours. They did not bore me with useless information about themselves. There were no long-winded sales

pitches, no bashing of the competition. What my friends and I received was simple and clean information, which was well presented by our host, and with great air of friendliness throughout the organization.

If you are into visiting the breweries and you like Flying Dog beer, this tour is a must! From 1 to 5 every Saturday, you can tour the facility for free. My friends and I plan to visit again for GonzoFest, maybe we will see you there!

My Favorite Part of the Tour was the most extraordinary tasting session I have had to date. To sit in their bar area was such a uncanny indulgence. The best way to illustrate the sitting is, it gave me the feeling of the song from Jimi Hendrix, on the Black Gold #4 album ?Closer to the Truth?. I got to set my personal?standard for all my future beer comparisons and tastings. Over the course? well I lost track of time. I do know the sun had gone down, from when we began tasting till when we finished our last glass. We tasted so many wonder full things. The full Wild Goose line was on tap, as well as many great offerings from the Flying Dog line. It was a epic session. I won?t go into it all, I really want to, but I will just mention my favorites and why

  • Gonzo Imperial Porter ?Having this on tap is such a different experience, takes the Porter to another level
  • In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen ? Off the tap the banana truly comes out in this one, it was so crisp, if I ever see this on tap it?s a must have
  • Snake Dog IPA India ? You can actually taste the grapefruit. So good, so flavorful
  • Garde Dog French Biere Farmhouse ale – This was my first time having this. I’m thinking about making this my spring ?go to? beer
  • Wild Dog Schwartz Dog Bottle- It made me want a Great British Bacon Butty (Bacon Sandwich with some steak sauce)
  • My favorite of the whole freaking day Flying Dog Nitro Gonzo Barrel Aged Imperial Porter. This was absolutely amazing. Smelled so wonderful and tasted even better. It had this complex bourbon coffee chocolate heavenly full creamy body thing going on. Did I say it was amazing!

A Huge Thanks To the FlyingDog folks, for everything, a Very memorable experience was had by all

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