A Geek Tasting Brooklyn Brown Ale

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It was Sunday, surprisingly quiet and I had the yard to myself, what better time to try a new beer, a Brown Ale. ?Brown ale is a style of beer made with a dark or brown malt[1]. The term brown beer was first used by London brewers in the late 1600s to describe their products, such as mild ale[2]. Today there are brown ales made in several regions, most notably England, Belgium and North America. Beers termed brown ale include sweet, low alcohol?? From Wikipedia?

Brooklyn Brown Ale by Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn New York, has six malts and its own hop character, which gives it its American distinction. Brooklyn Brown Ale is a combination of North English Brown ale and southeastern brown ale styles.

Smell after Pouring:
The beer hit my nose right away. I smelt hops, or was it malts, I thinking I would lean more towards hops.

The beer looked like a dark woody root beer. The head was OK.

Smell after sitting a minute:
If you let it breath you get a espresso chocolate and hops combo type thingy of a smell, not too overpowering though.

First taste, to me, was that of an Italian espresso soda with hops, but less bitter. This beer does not need to be ice cold and does much better once you let it breath a little. It had an interesting subtle sweetness as well.

Mouth feel:
When cold, the flavor fell apart in your mouth, the only taste present was at the beginning of your tongue. But once the Brooklyn Brown Ale warmed up, you truly tasted the full body and flavors of the beer.

Alcohol feel :
Not too strong but I had a good meal prior.

I am going to say this will not be one of my favorites, it?s an Ok Beer, I was not too impressed. My palette may not be sophisticated enough, yet, for this beer.

This beer would go well with hearty sandwiches, burgers etc, I would personally like it with fish&chips. Also this beer would be enjoyable while watching Battlestar Galactica, or any dark moody Sci-Fi TV Show

Some info from the brewer


Style: American Brown Ale
Malts: British Two-Row Malts, Belgian Aromatic Malts, American Roasted Malts
Hops: Willamette, Cascade, American Fuggle

Alcohol 5.6% by Volume

(thanks C.Thomas for proofreading)

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