A Geek Tasting Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale

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This was a beer I had to taste because it was fall. When I bought it, the great Pumpkin was about to make an appearance. It was one of the beers that I was tasting because, well, it?s fall and the leaves are changing color. But on to the review, my first in some time due to the insanity of life, anyhoo.

How Does it Smell?: Light pumpkin and spices come through at first pour, the spices smell comes through, in a weak way.

Pour, color: Beer poured very nicely with almost an orange/ amber color in the light I am in. Not the biggest head in the world but well formed.

Body: A decent body, just decent.

Taste: It wants to be sweet, but it?s not. I get a subtle hint of nutmeg as I drink it. Over all flat, not hoppy or malty.

Mouth feel: This actually has a good mouth feel to me, flows over all parts of the tongue, giving different subtle and weak flavors.

Alcohol feel : Alcohol feel is tame, a little warming.

Finish: This beer has on OK finish, almost similar to a uber-cheap pumpkin muffin.

Drinkability: I won?t buy this again, a tasting is good. There is just not enough flavor all around. I know how it tastes, and knowing is half the battle.

What about the packaging? The label is cool, seasonal at best, does not scream buy me, but it makes you think it?s a pumpkin beer.

Pairings: If I had to, this would probably go ?ok? with a pumpkin and vegetable roti, (the word ‘roti’ where I live refers to a dish of stewed or curried ingredients wrapped in a ‘roti skin’), like the one we get at our favorite Caribbean restaurant.

Comic Pairings: I can?t recommend a Comic for this beer at all, just not good enough to read with.

Some info from the brewer

Brewed by:
Buffalo Bill’s Brewery
California, United States

Style / ABV:
Pumpkin Ale / 4.90% ABV

Twenty-five years ago, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery pioneered a bold new direction in beer-crafting, firing up America’s groundbreaking microbrew stampede. Today, one of the nation’s oldest brewpubs continues to delight patrons with a full selection of outstanding signature brews. This includes the historic Buffalo Beer ? the very first beer produced at the tiny brewery back in 1983, the “irreconcilably different” Alimony Ale, Tasmanian Devil ale with its huge hop flavor, and seasonal specialties like the legendary Pumpkin Ale, Orange Blossom Cream Ale, and Blueberry Oatmeal Stout.

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