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So my friend, iZathrez on twitter (who posts so very little) swings by to raid my comic book collection, suggests that it was a good day to taste a new beer, which is weird for him, but as it turns out he just wanted to see my beer spot? So, we took the trip there and spent way too much time looking around the beer section. A pink elephant kept catching my eye but I continued looking around anyway. I was looking at Flying Dog bottles, as well as Brooklyn Beer, Chimay, and other various beers. I see him pick up the bottle, with the pink elephant and out of the corner of my eye, I swear he was talking to the bottle, but I let that go and we decided to purchase it. Got Lunch for my wife and kids, sorted through comics, put the kids down for their nap and sent the wife out to do what she does well, SHOP.

I pulled out my favorite glass (thanks Beer Utopia), my friend bought one just to try the beer with (I am getting him a proper glass for Christmas) and we went forth, to try this Delirium Nocturnum. And man let me tell you, this was one of the best choices, beer-wise, we have made in some time.

Delirium Nocturnum is from Brouwerij Huyghe, Belgium. It has been in business since the 1500s and is still a small family owned operation. Delirium Nocturnum is a dark ale of 8.5% alcohol. It is a triple fermentation ale using 3 different yeast strains and 5 different malts. Incredibly well-balanced for ale this high in alcohol, the bouquet has an aromatic sweetness. The body is bursting with flavors of raisins, bittersweet chocolate, and aniseed. The finish is long and develops into a hoppy aftertaste.

Now first off, I have to admit we tried it wrong. We chilled it down, not doing the research which basically said ?should be served at room temperature.? **Note to future me, research your beer for 5 seconds before you try.** Now on to what we thought?

How Does it Smell?: POUR, COLOR?: The beer poured this brilliant brownish garnet ruby color, while the head contrasted it and had a great cream color. When the sun hit this beer it was just stunning. As you brought the glass up for the first taste you could smell a slight fruit sweetness.

Taste?: The taste was just amazing. We just got quiet as we drank it, because it was cold, we had to think about the flavors. There was a sweetness to it, with a dark and mysterious fruity undertones at first. Chocolate eventually came out. Drinking this beer cold, as we did, I found this beer to be very balanced and I?m curious how the taste will be at room temperature.

Body?: This beer has a medium body feel, but it was so full of flavor, the carbonation was not that strong making it nice and smooth.

Finish: The finish is pleasurably long, with fruity lingering notes. It builds up, eventually, into a nice hoppiness as the description I read said it would.

Drinkability: This beer was bittersweet with all the proper hints of things all through it, this beer is a must drink, I will have this again properly.

What about the packaging? The Pink Elephant is brilliant, even though I swear my friend was talking to it. The bottle has the ceramic-like coating with the Elephant logo on it. It was a great looking bottle and I had a hard time letting go of it, but the wife said I had to get rid of it. I guess it?s just to the list of the many excuses to buy it again.

Comic Pairings: It was agreed that the Best Comics for this beer was Grant Morrison?s Doctor Who. This is not a beer for Marvel or DC, it?s not for superheroes, a little too refined for that. Before ?The Invisibles,? before ?Doom Patrol,? before ?Animal Man,? even before ?Zenith? ? there was ?Doctor Who.? Grant Morrison cut his teeth on the comic versions sprung from the TV version, writing three stories that 20-some years later, people still talk about.

As for food, don?t hate me, I would love this with a really good pizza, my friend wanted it with a really good roasted Cedar plank Atlantic salmon and red potatoes.

Anime Pairing: I would love to drink this while watching FLCL. FLCL (????, Furi Kuri?, also Fooly Cooly) is an original video animation series written by Y?ji Enokido, directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki and produced by the FLCL Production Committee, which included Gainax, Production I.G, and Starchild Records. FLCL’s odd style, hyperactive pace, convoluted, esoteric plot, and tendency to break the fourth wall sets it apart from other contemporary anime. It has an abstractly designed storyline about growing up and losing the childish viewpoint of life that all people once had, and seeing the true reality of the world.

It?s available in 12oz and 750 ml bottles, year-round.?Serving types had: bottle (435), on-tap (13), growler (3).

Some Info on the beer can be found here http://www.delirium.be/

Brewed by: Brouwerij Huyghe In business since the 1500s, Brouwerij Huyghe is still a small family owned operation in Belgium

Style | ABV
Belgian Strong Dark Ale | ?8.50% ABV

Other Notes:
Tr?s dense en go?t, elle s’oppose en caract?re ? sa consoeur blonde. Very dense taste, it is contrary to his character consoeur blonde. Elle refl?te d’un caract?re plus dur et plus cors? et qui fatalement ne rassemble pas sp?cialement les m?mes amateurs que la traditionnelle “. Elle est ? la fois forte en go?t, amer d’?corce et de houblon, ainsi qu’en saveur alcoolis?e. Son ?valuation finale n’arrive qu’en fin de d?gustation, avec une prolongation assez longue de son amertume. Chaude et velout?e, elle plait g?n?ralement au vrai connaisseur, mais ne la prive pas de d?couverte aupr?s des curieux pionniers de bi?res de caract?re.



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