A geek tasting Dundee Original Honey Brown Lager

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J.W.Dundee is a different kind of beer, it?s a Lager Flavored with Honey. It?s not the only Honey Lager in existence but it?s rare, for me, and it?s different from the normal beers out there. It?s made by Dundee Brewing Company, formally known as J.W. Dundee, of Highfalls Brewing Company in Rochester New York.

Smell after Pouring: After the pour the Lager had a honey and hops smell, lightly reaching out to me to let my nose to see.

Appearance: Original Honey Brown Lager lived up to its name with a Honey Brown color with a white semi frothy head

Smell after sitting a minute: The Beer opened up a little more after sitting a little, giving more of a honey smell to my nose.

Taste: After the first sip of the beer, which had a pleasant chilled temperature, there was a slight sweetness of taste of honey which danced on the beginning of the tongue, which led into a gentle hoppy bitterness on the middle of the tongue. There was no after taste. The beer was consistent pretty much through and through.

Mouth feel: This beer was very smooth, nuff? said

Alcohol feel: The alcohol feel was enough to let you know it was there, but I was not there to hurt you

Comic Book Pairings: For me this is a beer for a fun comic or an insane one. I would have this beer with any of the Deadpool series from Marvel comics (except the new one, I have not read it yet). Mind you, there are a few beers that could go with Deadpool, this is a definite.

Food Pairings: For me this beer would go great with fish ‘n’ chips. I mean as close to real British fish and chips as you can get. There is a place, A Salt & Battery, in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York, that I would love to take a bottle or 2 to. Weirdly enough, I had this with a piece of warm blue cornbread I had made earlier that day, it fit very well also.

Drinkability and Repeat Drinkability: This is a beer I can drink again, not a regular, but every once in a while, or when the moment suits me.

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Dundee Brewing Company does something pretty decent?

Dundee ?Save the Honey Bee Program? supports research efforts to eradicate Colony Collapse Disorder. The program is designed to bring attention to the plight of honey bees and support research efforts to eradicate the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). In 2008, a portion of every Dundee beer sold in the U.S. will be donated to the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees. http://www.dundeeforthebees.com/


Honey bees are disappearing due to a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder. That?s important to us at Dundee because bees do more than make honey, they also pollinate many of the foods we depend on.?

About The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees
The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees is a charitable research and education foundation dedicated to preserving and protecting honey bees to ensure a quality food supply and environment. Sponsored by the American Beekeeping Federation, the foundation provides educational opportunities to help advance public appreciation of honey bees, advance the beekeeping culture, improve pollination, and conserve biodiversity. For more information on the foundation, visit www.honeybeepreservation.org.

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