A Geek Tasting: Flying Dog’s Kerberos Tripel

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One more dedicated peaceful Hoppy Moment, One more dedicated moment with a fine beer. My second beer, from the Canis Major pack, Kerberos, is a 3x hoppy beer that needs to be spiritually guarded by Kerberos, the mythical three-headed dog. This beer, this bloody good beer, is done to the Gold standard I’ve come to expect from Flying Dog.

Color/Clarity: Beer pours with a white, properly foamy head, on top of its Golden Brown bubbly liquid.

Smell, hop aroma: This beer has a light, slightly spicy hop smell to it. As it warms up, there is more of a fruit smell to it.

Body: This is a strong beer that fills your mouth up nicely.

Sweetness: The Kerberos Tripel is sweet in the beginning but as it travels over your tongue it gets spicier.

Spiciness, the hops: As a hoppy beer, well, I am extremely happy with this. The excellent character of Flying Dogs Kerberos Tripel has to come from the bottle conditioning the beer gets. This beer has my favorite hop bitterness so far.

Lingering bitterness: The way the hops play on your tongue is nice. It?s a bitterness I like, not astringent like my soul (that?s a joke).

Flavor: This is a beer the plays with you. Allowing the temperature to rise, the flavor changes slightly, which is very pleasant.

Balance: Flying Dog has a gift for balancing their beers, nuff? said.

Complexity: This beer has a great intricacy to it. You have to sip this leisurely so you can consent to the flavors as they change on you.

Alcohol feel:?This beer warms you nicely. It?s a good feeling, and this is a good sipping beer.

Drinkability: This is an exceedingly drinkable beer, a great taste to it.

What about the packaging? I love the mythical beasty on the label of this beer.

Pairings: This is the perfect turkey club sandwich beer, not with mayo though, with a brown mustard mmmmmmmmmmmmm brown mustard *drool.

Comic Pairings: This Comic for this beer is Wolverine Manifest Destiny. A good comicfor a good beer. “The X-Men have relocated to San Francisco, looking to make a new home. Only problem for Wolverine is, he has history in the city. Fifty years ago, he was told never to return to Chinatown. When he sets foot there now, he stirs up lots of bad blood and very quickly has every Kung Fu fighter from every dojo in town chasing after him.” It?s a spicy, hoppy story which matches this beer nicely .

Some info from the brewer http://www.flyingdogales.com/beer-specialty-kerberos.asp

Named after the mythical beast that guards the gates of hell? Kerberos is a traditional Belgian-style Tripel with a dark golden color has a sweet flavor with a dry and spicy finish. This nectar of the Gods is deceptively strong at 8.5% and is bottle conditioned for an authentic flavor.







Specialty Malts:

2-Row Pilsner, Aromatic


Golding, Saaz


Bottle conditioned to create authentic Tripel character.

Nutritional Information: Carbs/18.6g? Calories/269

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