A Geek tasting Flying Fish Brewing’s Belgian-style Dubbel

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This Belgian-style Abbey Dubbel is a local beer for me. I can drive to the factory, Flying fish Brewing is in Cherry Hill, NJ, I actually have friends who live in the area, anyhoo about the beer.

Smell after Pouring:

It was a nice smell it was it did not smack you in the face, very nice on the nose.

This beer has an earthy brown color, like coffee mixed with caramel. This beer had a head on it, but it may have been due to my pour.

Smell after sitting a minute:
if you let it warm a little you get a hint of light coffee, hops (I think) It a rather pleasant smelling beer.

For me there was a slight coffee taste to match the color, it seems like it would go well with something slightly sweet. I want to describe as having decent hops, but I think I need to learn more about that before I can say that.

Mouth feel:
To me this beer reminds me of a strong carbonated South African chai in cold other words a really good, strong cold carbonated tea. It covers the tongue rather nicely.

Alcohol feel :
The beer does not hit you, it more cradles you and gently tells you, ? you have had a drinks sir, don?t drive for a bit, relax.?

It?s a good brew, a slight well constructed bitterness, it?s very good cold, I had it on a summer night and it was relaxing to drink.

I would like to drink the Abbey Dubbel with a piece of chocolate or a chocolate chip cookie it is almost a desert beer to me. I Would love to have this beer with a good piece of French bread early in the afternoon while reading comic books under a shady tree.

Some info from the brewer


Malts: Two-row pale, Munich, Special B, Chocolate, Demerera Sugar
Hops: Styrian Golding
Yeast: Belgian Abbey Ale
Original Gravity: 16.4 Plato
Alcohol by volume: 7%
Formats: 12 oz. bottles,1/2 kegs, 1/6 kegs, cask-conditioned
Availability: Year round

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