A geek tasting Flying Dog?s In-Heat Wheat in the ‘The Nirvana Lager Glass’

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On Sunday, a beautiful beer drinking Sunday at dusk, I had Flying Dog Brewery’s In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen in the as-yet-unnamed glass from Samuel Adams Brewery. I have given the glass two names “my precious” and/or “The Nirvana Lager Glass,” while other names used for the glass are “The Perfect Pint Glass” and “The Boston Beauty.”

About the “Nirvana Lager Glass” glass, my Precious, such a beautiful glass, it held the beer so well. It’s true it does “elevate the craft beer experience.” The glass is well weighted and comfortable in the hand. The way Samuel Adams placed their logo is a perfect line for the pour, and everything else, well, it?s just as the company describes it. I cannot do a better job in its description.

?It?s been a personal passion of mine to develop a beer glass that elevates the craft beer drinking experience? said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams. ?We wanted to create a glass that offers beer lovers a full sensory drinking experience by fully showcasing Samuel Adams Boston Lager?s complex balance of malt and hop flavors. This glass achieves that mission.?

?Our research has demonstrated that the right glassware can make a world of difference in optimizing the consumer’s sensory experience with taste, color, and aroma, especially in a complex craft beer like Samuel Adams Boston Lager,” said Todd Rhodes, Manager, TIAX Food, Formulation, and Sensory Science Group.?

You can read the rest of their article here

I must recommend this glass for any halfway serious beer drinker. Nuff? Said.

The first beer I tested the Glass with was new to me – Flying Dog’s In-Heat Wheat.

-Smell after pouring: A good hoppy, slightly malty smell rose off the top of glass right after the pour, making itself known.

-Appearance: It?s a great looking beer, especially after the whole bottle is poured. Great golden cloudy look with a nice head to it when poured correctly.

-Taste:? A full flavored taste. I had to think about it at first and after another sip or two, banana was what I was tasting.

-Mouth feel: It filled my mouth nicely, with all parts of my tongue getting different flavors.

-Food Pairings: I would like this with a good German sausage will an load of sauerkraut and some good spicy mustard and some crusty bread.

-Alcohol feel: This beer had a slight kick to it, maybe I had not eaten enough at the time because I felt it!

-Comic Book Pairings: I would like to have this beer while reading Nova from Marvel Comics. Its and action sci-fi book with as much flavor as In-Heat Wheat. The last issue I read was # 16 ?The Story: SECRET INVASION TIE-IN!? … is our always-outnumbered space cop actually teaming with one of the enemy? When Super-Skrull comes asking for a favor, can you ever trust the warrior whose life was dedicated to destroying us? ?

-Drinkability and repeat Drinkability: I can see myself drinking this again. Definitely a Good Beer.

From the Flying Dog:
She taunts and teases… In-Heat Wheat is our German-style Hefeweizen. She is a full flavor beer, perfect for the more adventurous craft beer drinker. The addition of malted white wheat gives this brew its smooth, full mouth feel. A proprietary yeast creates intriguing flavors of bananas and cloves.

Specialty Malts:Malted White Wheat, Munich Malt
Hops:German Perle
Process:Unfiltered for added flavor
Nutritional Information: Carbs/8.3g? Calories/131

This was a Great Tasting thanks to Beer Utopia. I think I will do all my future tastings from this glass, and Flying Dog has not let me down yet, their beers are always top notch.

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