A Geek tasting Hebrew The Chosen Beer: Genesis Ale

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The First Creation of Shmaltz Brewing Company ( Dedicated to Crafting Delicious Beer and Delicious Shtick… L’Chaim!) I bought this beer after seeing it around. The label made me laugh, it had a cheeky coolness to it that made it a must-try beer and I am glad I did. It’s 12 ounces of goodness

How Does it Smell? POUR, COLOR?: The Beer poured a caramel light brown with a creamy thick head, and it was mostly clear. It?s a good looking ale, not heavy on carbonation.

Taste? The hops were assertive on first taste with a minor malty sweetness to it. If you let this beer warm up some the taste improves and more character develops.

BODY? This beer has a light body for a brown ale.

FINISH: This beer finishes with a slight bitterness to it, a well put together bitterness.

Drinkability? It has an OK bitterness to it.

What about the packaging? The label is a cool, New York inspired piece of art, well designed.

Comic Pairings? This beer would go good with Fantastic Four, due to the Blue Eyed Thing. He is a Jewish character I could see drinking this beer.

As for food, a good pastrami on rye would be good with this beer.

I would of liked a little more flavor but beyond that, it was a decent brew.

Some info from the brewer.

Genesis Ale:

Our First Creation

Crisp, smooth and perfectly balanced between a west coast style pale and amber ale, with a supple malt sweetness and a pronounced hop flourish.

Malts: 2-row, Caramel 40L, Dark Crystal, Munich, Wheat

Hops: Warrior, Centennial, Cascade, Fuggle, Willamette

“4 Stars…This lovely ale deserves a wide interdenominational audience.” – San Diego Union-Tribune

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