A Geek Tasting: Simpler Times Lager brewed by Minhas Craft Brewery

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Simpler Times Lager from Trader Joes, brewed by Minhas Craft Brewery, was basically a craft beer Budweiser that did not taste like soap. It is a corn flaked beer or beer with really cheap ingredients that was 6.20 abv% . It was weird to drink after drinking so many well done craft brews. But what more could I ask for $0.67 usd.

It was a canned beer I picked it up at Trader Joes on a whim. I served it out of a good glass. This American Adjunct Lager, a beer style fashioned for mass production, lived up to what it was born to be, cheap! The beer was super clear. It actually had a decent, mildly sweet smell to it and the beer was highly carbonated . The mouth feel was weak and this beer had a low drinkability. It was the kind of beer you give to a person who you did not want to waste your good craft beer on.

Simpler Times Lager really helped me appreciated fine crafted beer. Brews that thought was put behind. This beer proved the old adage ?you get what you pay for.? Now, Simpler Times Lager was not the worse beer I?ve ever had, but those beers were skunked or macro beers. Will I drink this beer ever again? Probably not.

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