A Marine’s Survival Kit, Cerveza and a Zippo!

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Sometimes the taste of the beer is secondary to where you enjoyed it. If you are like myself and served in our Armed Forces (I was a Marine pilot) overseas, a beer even if it is not memorable unto itself can flood your mind with wonderful memories. I experienced this lately, when I came upon a Spanish beer that I enjoyed during numerous overseas deployments and liberty calls in Spain, Estrella Damm. As any sailor or marine who has deployed overseas to Spain will tell you. The phrase, “Cerveza por favor” will come in handy when you hit the ports of Rota, Palma or Barcelona. dsc016831

I recall the time when our ship the USS SAIPAN steamed of the coast of Africa for more than 95 days waiting for a Liberian thug to behave himself. Believe me when I say I will always remember the beer I had when we finally hit a safe port. Now, I recommend always taking a Zippo lighter? (and an extra as well) to light the Cuban cigars you should have with this beer! They also come in handy when you run out of money and need to get back to the ship … the cab driver will always accept a Zippo! I know this fact to be true.

Now as for the beer it is a fine lager, straight forward, no after taste and goes down well after 95 days at sea or a tour in Iraq. I promise!? ? image612

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