A Red Stripe and Henry Clay

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dsc016901The biggest joy I get from beer these days are pairing the appropriate brew with the right meal, cheese or cigar. Yes a cigar… I know, I know smoking is passe and bad for your health … blah blah blah! Even armed with this knowledge I still enjoy a fine cigar. The combination of a quality beer with a fine cigar just makes sense to me. A cigar is best enjoyed relaxing with a friend (outside of course!) discussing politics, books or poetry. My patio is perfect for this type scenario. As the cloud of smoke circles my hat you will here me quote Kipling and recite in full many of his peoms, such as “The Betrothed”, “Gunga Din” or of course “If”. Yes a Red stripe and a Henry Clay or Macanudo is what I need to get the day!

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