MilkmanIf you live in Duluth, MN I’m jealous of you. Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth has started offering a beer delivery service.

The brewery will deliver growlers to your door and pick up empties for $14/growler plus $1 delivery charge, just like and old-timey milkman. Awesome!

Are their other breweries that do this? I hope the concept catches on!


  1. While the thought of this kind of service sounds great, in reality it will probably not last very long. Legally, I doubt they could just drop off beer at your front door without handing it off directly to an adult of legal age. Leaving it on the front step where anyone could grab it is a recipe for legal trouble. Also, with the price of gas at $4 a gallon, delivering beer for a buck isn’t going to make this a profitable venture. To break even, they may end up requiring a minimum size order of enough dollar value to make the trip worth while. Plus, if you meet them at the door, they may expect a tip to boot. So for beer drinkers, this could prove to be a costly convenience. Best to hop on your bicycle and pedal to your local beer store instead.

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