Beer Inspired By Art at the Portland Art Museum

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Beer is a form of art, though it is never thought of in terms of an art that would be at a museum or in a gallery. Making art, making beer and drinking beer are creative acts that bring people together and celebrate community, why not have them together? Portland-based artist Eric Steen wants to change all this; he has created an event that combines art with the experience of drinking beer. He invited Lompoc, Laurelwood, and Lucky Lab Breweries in Portland, Oregon to receive a tour of the museum, select an artwork, and use that artwork as inspiration to make a new beer. These new beers will be served at the Portland Art Museum on Sept. 19 from 6pm till midnight.

An image of Chad Kennedy of Laurelwood near the painting he selected – Homesteaders by Arthur Runquist.

I bet you’re interested in knowing what artworks were selected and what the beers will taste like. If you are near Portland, Oregon, you may not want to miss this. For those who are elsewhere, here is some further information:
Zach Beckwith of Lompoc Brewery selected an artwork by Tennis Whiting that is a collaged and mixed media work that portrays an old, aged house. He is creating beer collage of sorts, mixing various Lompoc Ales including a saison with grapefruit and peppercorn, some has been partially aged in wood barrels. Ben Flerchinger of Lucky Lab Brrewery was inspired by the super thick painting Noble Regard by Jules Olitski. The painting is so thick it seems to be dripping off the canvas. He is using that as inspiration to create a stout with a thick and textured head. Chad Kennedy of Laurelwood chose Homesteaders, a WPA piece by Arthur Runquist. The painting portrays a group of people working together outdoors and a house being constructed in the background. Kennedy wanted to make a beer with materials that this family may have had on-hand so he is brewing a beer with molasses, corn, and honey.

This beer offering is part of a larger event at the Portland Art Museum called Shine A Light on Sept. 19th. To see more information, go here.

Photo credit: top photo by, bottom image by Nicole Lavelle and Belin Liu.

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