Beer, it does a body good

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We’ve talked about how beer is good for you in moderation many times on Beer Utopia but you guys seem to like it. So, here are some more reasons to drink our favorite beverage.

I recently got an email from Men’s Health magazine with some facts about beer and health. I can’t find the information on their website (what’s up with that, guys?) so I can link to it. Researchers at Tuft’s University have found that “moderate drinking seems to prevent loss of bone mineral density (BMD) associated with aging.”

The researchers think silicon in beer might be the reason they found stronger bones in men who drink one to two beers or the equivalent in alcohol every day.

I think we should start a “beer foam mustache” ad campaign! Oh, someone already did:

Men’s Health goes on to say

Beer has even more health benefits. It increases good cholesterol, helps you sleep better, and can even be used?occasionally?as a post-workout recovery drink because of its potassium, carbohydrates, B vitamins, and water content.

That’s no revelation for regular Beer Utopia readers but it is validation of what we has said before. Prost! Here’s to your health!

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