If you have an iPhone you may be interested in the Beer Judge Certification Program Style Guidelines for the iPhone.

Finally, a useful beer-related application for the iPhone. BJCP Styles is an application that brings the full Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Style Guidelines to the iPhone. The contents are fully searchable. You can search for a style, a particular flavor trait, or country of origin for example. The iPhone spelling auto-correction wanted to change my search for “IPA” to “UPS” but otherwise the application is straightforward and easy to use. Developer Joshua Baran has the support of the BJCP in developing this reference tool, so the application shouldn’t disappear…

The BJCP Style Guidelines are the definitive guide to beer styles so this would be a very handy app to have in your pocket.

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  1. I downloaded to my iPhone and it is a great information resource. Text only, direct and to the point. Going forward it would be nice to have color coded graphs, pictures of beer, etc. But for a free app I am not complaining.

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