Beer Tasting: Budweiser American Ale

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Budweiser is exploring new ground with their first ale which will hit stores in one week on September 29. It is already available in draught.

Nice copper color as you would expect from an amber ale. Huge head that lingers for several minutes after the pour.

I don’t know if it was because of the size of the head or the temperature of the beer, but the first fragrance I got was… Budweiser. This is weird because this beer has little in common with a Bud. Once the head went down a bit and the beer warmed up, I got definite caramel and some light grassy hops scents.

The taste was true to the smell. It’s fairly malty at the front, with caramel being what I tasted most with some subtle biscuit flavors mixed in. The hops hit at the back of the palette and are nicely balanced with the malt. The hops linger after you swallow, a bit much for my taste, but the bitterness is not overpowering.

I would call this beer is medium-bodied and smooth.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from an amber ale made by Budweiser. I was pleasantly surprised. It is well-balanced and hoppier than I expected, though not overwhelmingly so. I think this would make a decent session beer and maybe a good “gateway” beer to the world of craft brews for those who are usually Bud drinkers.

5.3% ABV

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