Beer Trek – the drinking game

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Drinking games aren’t the kind of thing we normally cover on Beer Utopia but since one of my favorite beer writers, Jay Brooks, mentioned it on his Beer Bulletin blog, I say it’s fair game.

Beer Trek is, of course, a drinking game. It?s hosted by Planet of the Geeks and bills itself as ?The Greatest Star Trek Drinking Game in the Universe!? And while such boasting may be hard to prove, I certainly don?t know of a better one. It?s a standard enough take on the TV/movie watching type of drinking game, where everybody drinks whenever a certain action takes place on screen or whenever a character says a particular phrase. But with Beer Trek there appear to something on the order of 350 or more separate rules, not including footnoted rules and advanced rules, which even include meta-rules. Plus, the rules can be filtered for rules that are only good for the original series or one of the newer ones. It looks like the game has been up on the web for over ten years, but I never came across it until today. If you need a reason to drink while watching Star Trek, and lord knows it can?t hurt, this may be the perfect vehicle to make it through another viewing.

I admit I used to really enjoy Star Trek, especially Next Gen, but lost faith in the franchise with Voyager. However, if I got to drink “when something else from the Alpha Quadrant is in the Delta Quadrant,” I might actually make it through an episode.

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