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Beer UtopiaBrant and I were talking today about beer (as we often do) and how each of us have thought that our own personal utopia would include a brewery where we could live out our days making fine, hand-crafted beer. We realized that our vision of how that brewery looks and operates is very similar. So we started what-iffing and decided that between us we might just have the skills and resources between us to pull it off. Our wives are also game, which can only be a sign from the beer gods that we must do this.

Starting a business is not easy. It takes a lot of planning an hard work and most new businesses fail. We have no illusions about the difficulty of starting a brewery but it’s a dream and it’s a dream involving beer so how can that be bad? Even if it never happens or it does happen and ultimately fails, we’re still going to have fun trying.

Beer is about community so we have created a new category here on Beer Utopia that we will use to publicly share ideas, thoughts, fears, or whatever about Beer Utopia, the brewery. You are welcome and encouraged to chime in with your own ideas.

[stxad]Here are some random thoughts to get things started:

  • This will be a brewpub to begin and can grow to bottling and distribution later
  • Location will be (downtown?) Little Rock
  • We want a coffee shop-like atmosphere so maybe we have a coffee shop as well (coffee is another of my passions)
  • We need to come up with some beer recipes. It would be nice if we could win some awards at various beerfests to get established.
  • How many beers are needed to have a respectable brewpub? Pale ale, brown ale, stout?
  • Food?

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