Brewer Travels The Abby Road

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A 33 year old programmer tries to bring the monastic brewing tradition to Washington.

The 33-year-old computer programmer is neither a monk nor Catholic, but as he surveys this emerald-green oasis in the midst of the city, he talks excitedly about his “American abbey project”: an attempt to bring the monastic brewing tradition to Washington.

In bygone centuries, beer was safer to drink than water, and monks brewed it for their own consumption as well as to supply thirsty wayfarers. As early as the ninth century, the Abbey of St. Gall in Switzerland had three breweries in full operation. Today, there are perhaps 18 monastery breweries throughout Europe that earn their keep by selling beer, most famously the Belgian Trappist breweries such as Chimay and Orval.(full article via The Washington Post)

I have tried to tell every one a good craft beer is heavenly. Maybe I should talk to our local monks at Subiaco Abby and see it they have any beer brewing tips?

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