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Will homebrewers become reality TV stars?

These days there is a realty TV show for just about everything: dancers, daters, mechanics, celebrity C-listers, comedians, businesspeople, fishermen, etc. So why not make a realty TV show about homebrewers? Better

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Oklahoma House Says Home-brew OK!

Cheers to Oklahoma! Relax and have a home-brew. Despite a lawmaker’s worries it could lead to legalizing marijuana, a measure that would allow Oklahomans to legally brew beer for their own use

Michael Danahay, D- Sulpher

Homebrewing bill pending in Louisiana

A bill pending in the Louisiana legislature could have major consequences on Bayou State homebrewers. House Bill 503, which proposes the Louisiana Homemade Beer Law, would make the brewing of homemade beer


Beer School

Want to learn more about beer? Go to school. Great article from talks about how one can learn home brewing at The Beer School. Full article here The class has a

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