I recently went to New York for business and reaffirmed my love of the Big Apple and its surrounds! It had been many years since my previous trip to the area and this time I found a great pub that happened to be in Jersey City across the river from lower Manhattan.

Skinner’s Loft was a great find. A fine example of everything I like in a good pub; small and quaint, nice wood bar with brass accents, warm friendly staff, excellent food, lots of locals and yes a nice selection of beer. I challenged the bar keep, Ryan Stevens for a recommendation and he served me a wonderful Belgium brew, La Chouffe (or was it McChouffe – either way its fabulous. Any beer with an elf for an logo can’t be bad). Wow! I have been a big fan of Belgian beers and and this one didn’t disappoint. Have you ever noticed how the atmosphere influences your memories? Skinners was full of people from all over the world, I was sipping great Belgian beer and having the time of my life.  I highly recommend Skinner’s Loft. Look for bar keep, Ryan  and tell him Eric from BeerUtopia.com sent you! Even if he doesn’t remember me, I remember my time there. And maybe if you mention you read about him on the Internet you might get a free beer out of it! Cheers! dsc01736


  1. you were about 5 train station stops from my office, so close yet so far away. I am going to try that pub out some time this summer! Cheers Glad my part of the country treated you well

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