Craft Beer Industry Sours On Obama’s Beer Choice

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There has been a lot of focus on what beer Obama would choose for his “Beer Summit”. He has officially chosen Bud Light, which has left American craft brewers and lovers a bit disappointed. With most major commercial? beer brands no longer being owned by American companies and the American Craft Beer industry seeing growth in this troubled economy, should the President have chosen differently? As the “Admiral of Ales” for Beer Utopia I say “Yes, he should!”

Below is a press release from Magic Hat Brewery on the issue. If you are an American Craft Brewer or craft beer lover and want to also give your two cents, feel free to comment.


FOR: The Magic Hat Brewing Company?, 5 Bartlett Bay Road, South Burlington, VT 05403
CONTACT: Krissy Leonard,, (802) 658-2739
Presidential Beer Summit to Feature Foreign-based Beers
America Asks President to Support American Craft Brewers

South Burlington, VT – July 30th, 2009 – In the wake of the recent arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, President Obama has called a Beer Summit between himself, Gates and his arresting officer, James Crowley. The meeting, set to take place at the White House at 6pm this evening, will see the three men drinking beers of their choice. Their choices, however, have American Craft Brewers up in arms. For Obama: Bud Light. For Gates: Red Stripe. For Crowley: Blue Moon.

Craft Brewers the country over are chagrined by the President?s choice to consume a beer owned by a company based outside of America?s borders. Bud Light, owned by Belgium-based AB InBev, and Blue Moon, owned by London-based SAB MillerCoors, together control over 90% of the beer market in the United States. However, the United States boasts almost 1,500 craft brewers, the majority being made up of small Main Street Businesses that employ less than 50 people. In the humble opinions of Magic Hat and American Craft Brewers, it would be a strong show of support for American businesses for President Obama to embrace the free and diverse expression that comes with each American-made craft beer.

Magic Hat Brewing Company urges its thirsty nation to contact the White House directly at to ask President Obama to drink American Craft Beer, perhaps one of Magic Hat?s wide array distinctive beers, like the not quite pale ale, #9, the Irresistible Pale Ale, Lucky Kat or the unfiltered and unfettered Circus Boy.

Magic Hat Brewing Company and Performing Arts Center, creators of #9?, Lucky Kat?, Circus Boy?, and four seasonal offerings, supports the arts community and reminds you that safe sex is great sex. ?Get Tested, Get a Condom, Get it ON.?


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