Drinking Beer is alive and well at Ole Miss!

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If you haven’t noticed it is fall and college football season is underway! Ofcourse one activity that goes hand in hand with the new season is tailgating and nowhere in the country does it better than Ole Miss. The Grove is lengendary for the best tailgating and a great place to get a pulse on the beer culture in a college football town. One of the first things I look for when I arrive in a town is ofcourse the bars and pubs. Oxford is a quaint old 19th century southern town that has been updated to the 21st century. Wonderful resturants line the square as do pubs and night spots. A few rate a particular mention, the Library is a huge sports bar housing giant flat screens TV in every direction. The huge bar is in the middle of a giant room and concrete. The beer selection is pretty standard, domestic brands abound with a few well-known foreign names. This was the case throughout Oxford. Although not known as a micro-brewers paradise, I soon realized that the hidden quality of Ole Miss was not in the selection of the beers but the cultural embracing of drinking itself! Everywhere I went was mention of the mantra “Hotty Toddy” and signs proclaiming “We may not win many games, but we’ve never lost a party”! This attitude combined with a deep literary tradition and of course the wonderful southern hospitality found only in the deep south makes a very memorable visit. One begins to think things like “I could go back to college … maybe pick up a masters or something!” Maybe even become brewmaster!!!! Tell me about your college towns and beer drinking!

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