Intercourse Brewing Company Blue Ball Porter
Intercourse Brewing Company Blue Ball Porter

Enjoy Intercourse beer

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Craft brewers have to find ways to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Having a provocative name like Intercourse Brewing Company is definitely one way to do that.

Courides founded the Intercourse Brewing Company (, which she named after the rural Pennsylvania Amish community of Intercourse, ironically a dry town. The name always prompted giggles whenever a younger Courides, who grew up about an hour away in Collegeville, visited with her parents.

It was also hard to ignore the suggestive names of surrounding towns: Blue Ball, Mount Joy and Bareville.

“I couldn’t believe no one had done it yet,” said Courides, at 23 one of the youngest independent brewers in the United States. “The town names are just so funny, and it’s real.”

Beer names like Blue Ball Porter, Bareville Pilsner, and Mount Joy Light, along with a suggestive logo and slogan (May your spirit be light and may you always enjoy Intercourse) are sure to get beer drinkers’ attention.

Hopefully, the beer is as good as the branding.

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