Thanks to everyone who logged on for the live broadcast of the Flying Dog FBAG party. We’re off to the Great American Beer Fest now (yes, we have a very tough job, pity us) and we’ll have more for you soon!

In the meantime, check out pics from the party and look for videos soon.


  1. Great seeing you guys at the FBAG in denver,co 2008. It was an awsome gathering but I do have 1 bitch Dudes. Next time interview real people. you know the people that have to BUY there beer. Look I get that your there to help promote the host brewery but come on your not really helping us plain guys & gals. Have the stones to just up and ask the person that just filled their cup took 3 sips and threw it away why they did so, thats a “real interview”. Ok some people want to hear about the body, head, after taste and that stuff and your shows are great for that but be fair to the other 90% of us. We want to hear if it tastes good or tastes like it came from moms old washing machine before we bother trying it. How many beers have you guys tried that you won’t ever look at the lable let alone let it touch your lips again? . . . and i’m not talking freebes but junk you paid for? All i’m asking is Keep It Real.

  2. Had a great time talking with you guys at the Flying Dog! New to the website, but I will be checking it out from now on. Thanks again!

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