Guinness is good for you

Forget apples, a pint a day keeps the doctor away

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Guinness is good for youAnother study is touting the health benefits of moderate beer consumption. We’ve talked about beer and health a lot in the past but it’s nice to see another confirmation that there are health benefits associated with our favorite drink.

Moderate drinking of ale and lager can cut the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and even help people lose weight, doctors say.
The Spanish researchers suggest combining beer with exercise and a healthy Mediterranean diet high in fish, fruit and vegetables and olive oil.
Beer contains folic acid, vitamins, iron and calcium and has the same health benefits already attributed to moderate wine drinking, researchers found.
And they blamed fatty foods like chips, a lack of exercise and binge drinking for beer bellies in Britain.
The researchers concluded that consuming several small glasses of beer throughout the day, rather than large quantities all at once, was better for overall health. That sounds like a good justification for a keg system to me! No really, honey, it’s all about portion control!

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