Gservo?s 2009 beer to do list, in no particular order

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I will say 2008 was the year I was truly introduced to craft beer, and developed a real appreciation for it. Thanks to Beer Utopia and all the fine people and idea?s they introduce me to on and off line, my beer know has grown exponentially. Thanks to everyone who helped toward my Beerducation

Rome was not built in a day, onto more learning!

-Top 5 Beers I must have in 2009, that I believe I can definitely get.

–Chimay (, nuff said?

–Hitachino Nest Beer Espresso Stout

— Pipeline Porter from Kona Brewing, it?s and Autumn Seasonal

–Brooklyn Breweries Black Chocolate Stout and their Brooklyn Local 1

–Delirium Tremens from Huyghe Brewery

– Brew ?Gservo?s bNeer?, that?s what I?m going to name my first brew a Coffee Stout, The term bNeer comes for a joke on my art forum

-Visit the Oak Tree Buy Rite, a place highly rated by Beer Advocate and Rate Beer

-I want to Visit HeartLand Brewery in New York for Oren?s Daily Porters (a coffee beer)

-Visit Flying Dog Brewery

-Hit As many of the NJ Breweries as possible

-Visit Brooklyn Brewery, in Brooklyn New York

-Visit Rattle n Hum in Manhattan New York, Place looks promising, it has 40 taps and up to 4 cask ales

-Visit Monks Caf? in Philadelphia, Penn. A Place for Belgian ales it seems

-I have to arrange a beer and comic sampling @ Gaslight Brewery in NJ

-I have to visit, looks intresting

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