Guard your brew with a beer burglar alarm

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If you have a problem with your roommate/spouse/friends/random visitors stealing your beer, the Beer Burglar Alarm may be for you.

Simply attach the device to your cans and sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that no one can touch your cans without one of two things happening: a) a mafioso voice piping up, saying ?Keepa da hands off ma beer,’ or b) a banshee-like siren piercing the would-be thieves eardrums.

The Beer Burglar Alarm features a motion sensor, you see that kicks in should anyone come within 30cm of it. That should keep your beer firmly in the fridge where it belongs.

Seems like a German gestapo voice make more sense for a beer alarm than an Italian mafioso? “Keep ze hands off mein bier!”

Unfortunately, this gadget is sold in England and I haven’t been able to find any in the States. It cost ?4.95, which is about $8.75 but the international shipping will cost $53 with a minimum order of $67. Anyone know where to get these in the US?


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