Halloween Party at Brad’s Barn!

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Fellow beer lovers, I must confess, Halloween is one of my favorite holiday’s! When you get a group of people devoted to having a good time and combine that with the whole fantasy costume thing ? well stand by!
This year I was honored to be invited to a long-time tradition of “Brad’s Barn Party” . The story goes like this ? Brad’s family has had a bit of land for several generations. Recently Brad, without living quarters, built a truly unique barn/loft apartment on the land which is truly in the boonies!
“The Barn” as it is affectionately called, may damn well be the perfect party palace. And of course Halloween lends itself as the perfect excuse for a party, sooo, a huge bonfire was built, then FREE beer, a band and the word was sent out to all those who wanted to party in costume. Need I tell you we had a DAMN good time! Understandably I did not meet anyone there who was not having the time of their life.
There was of course a costume contest (which I MC ‘d). The beer was icy cold. The barn was huge. The decorations were cool. ? The beer was nothing fancy ? Coors, Bud, Miller, the classics. Volume of intake overrides any other factors at an event like this so its just as well there were no high end high alcohol offerings. OH, and did I mention the music. We were entertained by “Becket” a great singer who kept everyone happy with country sing along favs. All in all it was a DAMN GOOD HALLOWEEN. Wish you could have been there (maybe you were.. what costume did you wear?)
Check out the rest of pictures on the flickr space.

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