Hey buddy, wanna buy a beer company?

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PBR needs a buyer. Interested?
PBR needs a buyer. Interested?

If you have some cash to burn, Pabst Blue Ribbon needs to be sold ASAP. The asking price is unknown but there isn’t exactly a line of intersted buyers.

PBR is currently owned by the Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation which was set up after PBR’s owner, Paul Kalmanovitz, died in 1997. The IRS apparently doesn’t like charitable foundations to own beer companies (WTF?) and gave the foundation until 2005 to unload the company. When no one was willing to buy it, the foundation was given an extension to 2010 to find a buyer.

Of course, PBR has become a counter-culter favorite in recent years making it a better deal for potential buyers. But finding a buyer is still going to be tough.

Neither A-B or MillerCoors seem interested and not even the largest microbrewery could afford it. That leaves the global beer companies. Obviously, InBev is a little tied up with the buyout of A-B. There?s also Carlsberg, Heineken and a few others, but so far none have shown any interest, either. That leaves non-beer investors, but historically such ventures have been risky at best.

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