Impress your Friends over the Holidays

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For those of you who have been watching beerutopia for any time, you probably know that I am not a big fan of the darker stout brews. I am a Lager fan hence the title Lord of Lagers, but ? I am also a seasonal beer drinker to a degree. As the weather turns colder and I light the fireplace and sit with my friends and chit chat I like a sipping beer. I am open to a stronger beer with more alcohol content and more flavor. So what do I buy? I love Chimay Blue! This beer is great for the holiday’s. I love to tell the Chimay Story. From their Website I quote, “ Welcome to the source of the Trappist beers and cheeses of Chimay. Here, in this heaven of peace and silence where since 1850 Trappist monks have dedicated their life to God, products are made which, in themselves, gladden the heart of man. The monks dedicate their life to the worship of God in prayer and meditation. Making a vow of celibacy, they live in a community, under the direction of an abbot and renounce all personal possessions.

The heart of their life is their work and they try hard by these means to secure aid for the poorest people.Since the monks carry out their work with the same concern for perfection that they strive for in their life of prayer and study, brewing has become a true art over the course of time in the abbeys and has been perfected at the Abbey of Scourmont through the most modern scientific methods.” Now I don’t know about you but I feel very comforted by the fact that a) These monks are devoted to brewing the absolute best beer they can ? with God in mind! And b) the proceeds from the sales of this great beer goes to help the less fortunate! So with those two bits of information I encourage you to try the Chimay Blue. It is also a great gift for the holiday’s when all your snobby

Trappist Monks can

friends bring wine to the party ? you bring the Chimay, impressive them with your knowledge and class! Whamo! If you’re single you are sure to get laid ? if you are married wifey will be so impressed with your international flair that fireworks will surely follow! You can send me a thank you later!!!! Now go forth and drink for the trappist monks!!!!!

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