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Looking back

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I have been in TV since college. I started there as an noon news anchor and loved begin on camera. My career path took me away from talent and into production but I always loved being in front of the camera. I produced and directed live TV and at one point helped host a late night video show and remembered how much I loved being in front of the camera. Then one day I stumbled across Gary Vaynerchuk doing a show on the web called Wine Library TV.

I thought to myself I could do that! And started Beer Utopia on St. Patrick’s Day 2008 with some help from my friend Eric Britt.

From there we moved to the kitchen of our house and had my wife Heather Collins ( help with shooting. See she has shot for History Channel, A&E and the like so this would be easy.

By episode #3 we had 2 sponsors and a co-host.

Episode #6 we moved out on the deck

That review of Flying Dog got the attention of Neal Stewart(@NealStewart on Twitter) then the marketing director for Flying Dog and we had a real beer sponsor.

Episode 16 and we had a fancy open and graphics thanks to Cliff Brannon ( along with doing live streaming events.

Episode 21 and we were paid to stream live during the Great American Beer Fest (GABF) in Denver, CO. We were internet rock stars.

Just as we were gaining momentum the recession hit and no more sponsors, but we tried to keep going doing live streaming shows. They were fun, but we had a lot of technical difficulties.

beerutopia on Broadcast Live Free

Soon it was too time consuming and with no funds coming in I called an end to the show. In that time off Heather and I were blessed with the birth of our youngest son, James, (BTW we have 5 kids total) now 8 months old. We have tried to keep the Beer Utopia website up and current(thanks to my friend Joel Gardner that writes great posts and is our resident home brewer) while trying to figure out how to make money using web video and beer. I have not figured out a business model that works yet but we will be re launching the show soon for my love of doing it and the love of beer and hopefully the rest will fall in place.

I have recently found Top Gear and have fallen in love with this show. Now my goal is to see if I can make a Beer Show as good as Top Gear (With no budget).

Top Gear Season 12 Episode 3 – full episode


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