Miss Fancy’s Tripel

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In Birmingham, AL and had to try the local Avondale Brewing’s big Belgian Ale. The 9.8% ABV got my attention and I expected it to have a real boozy flavor like most high gravity beers, but this was not. It is a very smooth and sweet beer that is actually very refreshing.

From their site:

It all began when a circus owner’s misfortune at a game of cards bestowed the city of Avondale with a great gift. His prize attraction, Miss Fancy the Elephant, would inadvertently become the city’s greatest spokesperson. Known as the Queen of Avondale, Miss Fancy performed a wonder of tricks at her home in Avondale Zoo. During prohibition, City Hall kept a special Miss Fancy reserve on hand at all time in order to treat her stomach aliment. When her stomach starting acting up, Mr. Todd would call the prohibition officers down to the zoo for a little hooch action.

Miss Fancy’s Tripel is a strong Belgian golden ale rich in flavor and alcohol. The use of malts, traditional hops, a proprietary yeast blend and Belgian candi sugar creates a very special beer named after a very special elephant. Miss Fancy’s Tripel is remarkably smooth and refreshing for such a high ABV beer. CAUTION! Miss Fancy’s Tripel is brewed for humans but strong enough for elephants.

I’ll have to try a few more of their beers while I am here.

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