Mr. Beer Home Brewery part 2: Fermenting

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After the set up and brewing, honestly this was the easiest part.? Simply put, there was no physical labor, just waiting.? I was pleasantly surprised that the closet the brew was living in didn’t smell like a brewery. In fact, very little beer odor was detectable, and I really had to get my nose up close and and in the personal space of the keg just to make out the beer.? I was a bit nervous of this, at first, hoping that the little guys were doing their thing.? Note that there was some kraussen in the top of the brew keg, but none made it outside the lid.

Mr. Beer suggest between seven and fourteen days to ferment, and recommends the latter.? So, I overshot that by one day for a total of fifteen. After fifteen days, I poured a bit into the glass and if it looks like beer, it smells like beer, then it’s beer!? Next up, the bottling!

Mr. Beer Home Brewery part 1: Setup and Brewing

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