Mr. Beer really comes through with making this easy.   After brewing my first batch of beer and two weeks of waiting patiently for it to ferment in the Mr. beer keg, I couldn’t wait to bottle it up.

Just to recap, I have half the no-rinse sanitizer left over and the gallon spring water jug I retained from brewing.  I got out a funnel for easy pouring, a measuring soon for sugar and Mr. Beer provided the rest.

Simply fill the bottles, give a good shake with the lid on, and a ten minute rest in the sanitizer is all you need.  I also took this time to sanitize my measuring spoon.

Next a bit of sugar for the yeast to feed on and therefore carbonate the beer during bottle conditioning.

Filling the bottles was easy, but a bit time consuming.  Bring a chair! The tap on the brew keg is not the fastest I’ve ever seen a spigot go, which in this case is a god thing- you don’t want too much foaming up when you’re trying to fill a bottle.

All done!  now for a week or two of bottle conditioning, and a few days in the fridge, and I’ll be ready to have my first taste, of my very first brewing experience.  Thank you Mr. Beer!

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