Cheers to Oklahoma! Relax and have a home-brew.

Despite a lawmaker’s worries it could lead to legalizing marijuana, a measure that would allow Oklahomans to legally brew beer for their own use won easy passage Wednesday in the House of Representatives.
House Bill 2348 would allow Oklahomans to brew up to 200 gallons, or about 80 cases, a year for their personal use. Full Story at

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  1. Enjoy it Sooners!!  My homebrewed beer is so good that I cannot describe it.  I am looking forward to making the Presidents Honey Porter recipe.  Homebrewing is a great hobby.  I would urge anyone thinking of getting into the hobby to purchase the kegging system which makes everything so much easier as you don't have to wash and sterilize the bottles which is the worse part of hombrewing by far.  You will be absolutely amazed at the quality of the beer that you brew

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